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deviation in storage by MissMouri
deviation in storage by MissMouri



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Why is it that bad days come?  Are they really essential for life – the tears, the sorrow?  Can something good truly come from them?  Well, for me, at that time, it was just too much.  I had to escape from the stagnant air that paralyzed my very essence.  I jump off the bed and wipe the tears in the welcoming darkness.  Solitude is the only companion I needed at that moment.  The stairs seemed to be a blur as I flew down to the bottom, fleeting from the room filled with despair.  A room where a lingering conversation echoed, killing my heart slowly.  The walls seemed to be closing in, and I refuse to be ensnared!

I make my way out the door and breathe in the refreshing scent of night.  My dog seemed to have wanted that fresh air as well for he trotted his way through the threshold with a furry smile.  I couldn't help but to return the smile.
I put Tails; my 15 pound Shi Tzu, on a leash and sat with him staring at the abandoned street.  His quiet company was comforting.  His warmth seemed to radiate off his fur and into my arms as the cold wind began to pick up.  The Maple Trees were at war and the leaves battled.  The hairs on my forearms watched helplessly from the distance – my focus was elsewhere.  My mind seemed to be floating in the abyss of space as my body observed the life around me.  In a moment's time, streetlights began to go off one after another.  My mind was drawn to the darkness, hoping that it could stay that way forever – hoping that the light would never come back again.

As I sat on my porch, my eyes began to pick up on some light.  A quick flash of lightning grabbed my eyes forcing me to look to the sky.  The brightened sky was clouded and the navy blue clouds were highlighted with a silver glow.  The wind continued to blow with a growing intensity as the trees continued wreaking havoc.  At that moment, I was overwhelmed with a sense of serenity.  My eyes continued to wander through the glistening sky and the wind continued to dry off my tears.  I had forgotten where I was, that is, until a flash of green engulfed the walls of the pale house across the street.  My eyes widened at the sight of the magically green house.  Suddenly, the house turns yellow as a car speeds by.  The red car catches my eye and I follow it in the distance.  When I look back at the color changing house, it now had a reddish hue.  Puzzled, I lean forward to see the streetlights painting the street red. The streetlights begin to come back on after my observation.  Moments later, my ears perked up as I heard girls giggling in the distance.

"That was scary!" one of the girls giggled as the continued walking, paying no attention to our presence.

The wind blew hard once again, this time for a long period of time.  Small, yellow leaves began to waltz, starting from the freshly tarred street and twisting their way to the heavens.  The streetlights guided their paces until the leaves vanished into the dark sky.  The wind died out and the scenery with it.  I sighed as my eyes made their way to the ground.  I stood up lethargically and looked around.  My body needed to wander, and so, I took it for a stroll.  I didn't make it that far, for when I made my way around the house, I looked up to see the sky.

"It's another full moon."

The blades of grass danced as the wind began to sing its midnight rhapsody.  The darkening clouds traveled through the starry stage; all the while, the silver moon guides their every movement.  I managed to break the trance I was in and made my way to my father's white car.  I climbed the bumper and sat on the hood with my arms back propping my body up.  My eyes continued to take in the moonlit sky.

A gust of wind rushed towards me and the strong scent of a tomato plant invaded my unsuspecting nose.  Swiftly, my eyes shut tight unable to decide if the smell was pleasant or distasteful.  In the pitch blackness of my closed eyes, I could hear cricket playing his song.  Keeping my eyes closed, I heard another cricket playing along, and then another.  It was as if they were the orchestra playing for the suburban night.  As I slowly opened my eyes, taking in the rays of the moon and the beams of the streetlights, the smell lingered.

I continued to look at the sky, the trees, and the street perpendicular to the previously abandoned street.  Sitting there, my soul seemed to be absorbing the serenity of the night and cleansing my thoughts.  In minutes, the streetlights began to go out once again.  This time, I just looked into the darkness, no longer knowing what I wanted from it.  I only acknowledged it presence and stared through it.  I looked at my car that was a few feet away from my father's car and noticed a ball of light on the windshield.  I looked to the sky to see that the clouds were vanishing and the moon continued to shine upon the world.  Tranquility settled in now, and my mind had forgotten its worries.
Streetlights began to turn on once again and the wind picked up as well.  This time, it was relentless.  A paper plate rolled on the street like tumbleweed in the desert and the surrounding trees seemed to be applauding at the sight.  Or were they applauding for me…
Once the wind died out, the world seemed to settle around me.  Everything was quiet – no cars, no people, nothing.  My mind was clear and the tears were gone.  Midnight took all my worries away and scattered it among the stars.  I took one final sigh as I jumped off the hood of the ivory car and made my way to the front porch, where Tails waited for me with a wagging tail and a furry smile.  Turning around for one last look, the wind gently pushes touches my skin as the moon made its way through the sky and the crickets continued their symphony.

"Let's go, Tails."

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